We are thrilled to have Lou and Cameron on the podcast to discuss Abilities Tennis Association of North Carolina! Abilities Tennis serves more than 500 athletes.

Lou is the Executive Director, a 4.5 tennis player, and has received the Adaptive Tennis Award and Educational Merit Award given by NC Tennis. Cameron is the President, a 5.0 tennis player, and plays in the Raleigh Pro League.

Abilities Tennis won the USTA National Adaptive Award in 2018 and was awarded the Community Tennis Association (CTA) of the Year by North Carolina Tennis and USTA Southern Section.

How can you help? For information about the Footprints on the Court Fundraiser with special guest John Isner on October 22, 2020 at 6pm please visit the following:

You can learn more about Abilities Tennis and sign up for the newsletter on their website. f

For adaptive programs throughout the country please click here.