Do you love to play tennis and then talk about it with your friends? We do too—so we created a podcast!




Carolyn is the creator of the ‘Second Serve‘ podcast. She was encouraged to pick up a racquet by her husband after she kept getting hurt playing basketball as an adult.

She practiced corporate law for ten years and thought she would start a podcast about legal matters but then realized that wouldn’t be as fun as discussing adult recreational tennis. Carolyn was a Park/Centennial Scholar at N.C. State University and graduated with honors from UNC School of Law.

Carolyn has an unorthodox style of play, which includes a two-handed forehand and randomly charging the net for no apparent reason!



Erin didn’t grow up playing tennis and never touched a tennis racquet until she was 40 years old. She wanted to find a team sport but, at her age, she was limited to tennis or golf. Thankfully, she picked tennis because sometimes it’s the only cardio workout she has time for!

Erin is a graphic designer and is in charge of making ‘Second Serve’ podcast look good in all aspects (email campaigns, FB, IG, and YouTube posts, etc.).

Hitting a forehand is Erin’s favorite shot. She takes clinics fairly consistently but instead of “playing smart”, she often resorts back to just hitting the ball really, really hard. Go big or go home, right?





1. Who are the hosts of Second Serve podcast?

'Second Serve' tennis podcast was created by Carolyn. While getting ready to record her first episode, she contacted her friend, Erin, and they recorded an episode called "Advice for Adult Beginning Tennis Players". They have been a team ever since (both in terms of podcast hosts and tennis partners!). The pair met while playing tennis. Both started playing at the 2.5 level and are currently 4.0s.

2. How do I subscribe to the podcast?

You can find the podcast on all the major platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more).

We also have a YouTube channel where you can view episodes that we've film. We don't film all of them but, when we do, you can watch us in action and see our process. please subscribe to our YouTube channel while you're there!

All our social channels are in the navigation menu. Please like and subscribe to all of them!

3. How can I support Second Serve Podcast?

Write a review and rate us! It helps others to find us when searching for tennis podcasts. You can review and rate our podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or any other place you listen. Subscribing to our YouTube channel here also helps us get exposure.

4. How can I contact you?

You can email us at or message us on any of our social media accounts.

5. Can I receive updates or episodes by email?

Yes! We send weekly emails with announcements and episode information. If you would like to receive them, sign up here.

6. When are you going on tour?

Carolyn and Erin would love to be able to follow teams to Local, State, Sectional, and National tournaments. We wouldn't mind being invited to any of the Grand Slam tournaments either (hint, hint USTA/U.S. Open organizers).


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