Pickleball Ratings System

We ask Yubie to explain the ratings system in pickleball. Is it similar to USTA ratings? Are their pickleball leagues to participate in around the country? We have so many questions about playing pickleball and tennis!

As Yubie explains it, there are a lot more tournaments than leagues. Leagues do seem to be popping up, but it’s much more common to spend the weekend playing pickleball tournaments. They are so popular that people are planning 4-5 months ahead of time. Yubie said there are thousands of players at some of the big tournaments and they include singles, doubles, seniors, mixed, etc. Being at a pickleball tournament on any given weekend feels like being at a USTA State tournament but having it be every single weekend (as opposed to just one time a tennis season). Can you imagine the stress and intensity!?

Pickleball Tournaments

Unlike USTA State, Sectional and National tournaments, pickleball tournaments typically start and finish all in the same day. It’s not a multi-day process. Yubie has played as many as eight matches in a weekend. For as tough as that sounds, it’s a great way to meet new friends because you’re at the tournament all day!

The most tournaments Yubie has participated in that were back-to-back weekends was four. In 2021, he played in Durham, Charlotte, Pittsburg, and then finished in New Jersey.

A Golden Ticket

Yubie’s wife, Mandy, has also become an avid pickleball player. Mandy won a gold medal at a Boca Raton tournament and got a “golden ticket” which signified her qualifying for the pickleball National tournament in 4.5 women’s doubles! We will be sure to follow her as she goes on to play in California.

Career-changing Discovery

Yubie’s 4.5 North Carolina men’s spring team won the State tournament in 2018. To say you get HOT in the summertime while playing tennis in the south is an understatement. While playing at States, Yubie googled “sweaty hands > tennis” and discovered a product called Carpe. Carpe is an antiperspirant company that makes products to help stop sweating from head to toe. He and some of his teammates ordered Carpe products to try. They discovered when they used the Carpe lotion on their hands, they didn’t get any white residue on their clothes or gear which is what happens when using rosin bags.  

After winning states, they moved on to the Sectional tournament in Alabama and were asked to bring something to share with opponents. While using Carpe’s hand lotion, Yubie looked at the label and realized they were a North Carolina company. He quickly reached out to the company and asked for samples. Carpe was happy to oblige and Yubie and his teammates were able to share Carpe’s samples with opponents. Yubie has been using and enjoying their products ever since!

Fast-forward to 2020, Yubie was laid off from his job and two days later, he saw a job posting at Carpe. He was already a great ambassador for their products and ended up getting hired to be Carpe’s Operations Manager.

Passion for Pickleball and Tennis

Yubie is passionate for both pickleball and tennis. He is a sponsored athlete with Selkirk Sports, a well-known pickleball company that is based out of Hayden, ID.

He believes that playing both sports at the same will help improve your game and talks about that in Part One. Please go back and listen to that episode if you haven’t already heard it.

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