It’s May 2022 which means it’s National Tennis Month! This week we’re talking about how to sign up for social or competitive adult leagues. It’s fun to play in leagues because it gives players a team to play on. Not all tennis has to be competitive though. There are a lot of social adult leagues.

Having Trouble Finding a League?

If you or someone you know is having trouble finding a league, check Meetup has hundreds of thousands of social groups and lots of tennis-related groups. Often, people join a group and then find their “people” and form other leagues or teams from small groups of people they connected with more closely.

Use Social Media

Social media can be a frustrating part of our world but there are so many ways to find and sign up for social or competitive adult leagues. We hosted Yubie, a 4.5 tennis player turned passionate pickleball player on the podcast and he didn’t have a Facebook account until he started playing pickleball. After joining Facebook, Yubie met tons of friends and now is playing in pickleball tournaments almost every week. He stays in touch with friends he’s met all over the country via Facebook.

Instagram is another great social media platform to find tennis groups. People interested in finding tennis friends or teams to play on can use the search feature on Instagram’s homepage (no account needed!).

USTA Flex Leagues

USTA offers Flex Leagues if someone wants to play on a team but not at a set time of the week. Flex Leagues allows a player to set the time and place to play a match. It allows someone to be part of a team but not be stuck to playing a match at the same time every single week.

Contact Your Local Community Tennis Associations (CTA)

Players interested strictly in social leagues can contact their local Community Tennis Association (CTA) and ask what types of tennis programs they offer. In our area, and in many places around the country, there are leagues specifically for players under 35-year-old, mixed leagues, “beer” leagues, over 60 years old, etc. There are also social programs for people that have never played before or a player just coming back to the sport after being away from it for a long time.

Reach Out — We’d Love to Help!

Reach out to us via our social channels or email us at if you need any help about how to sign up for social or competitive adult leagues. We’d love to help point you in the right direction!