Carolyn and Erin often talk about rules USTA should change so we decided to do an episode about it. We were recording with Sara who was talking to us about how she got started in tennis and how she formed a community tennis association (CTA) to play more tennis. You can listen to her two episodes here: Sara Does it All[-Part One and Sara Does it All-Part Two.

As we were finishing up recording with her, we started talking about how we could prevent most fights during adult recreational tennis matches if more players were familiar with the rules. So we made this conversation its own episode called “Rules USTA Should Change.”

We love talking about rules and know they are some of our most listened-to episodes by our listeners. Carolyn and Sara are both attorneys so they think about the rules of tennis a lot more than Erin does. But Erin has strong opinions about certain things we’re not allowed to do in USTA matches (coaching!).

What Rules Would You Like to See Changed by USTA?

We talk about let calls, coaching, and when to change sides after a set tiebreaker.

What are some rules YOU would like to see changed? Please contact us on any of our social media or email us at We would love to talk about other rules players think that USTA should change.

If you want to read the Friend At Court, you can download it here.

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