Have you ever played “Triples”? Carolyn and Erin have but we found out after talking to Michele Krause, Cardio Tennis Consultant for USTA, that we’re definitely doing it wrong! That’s why we recorded this episode “Cardio Tennis – the Right Way to Play Triples”. We don’t want our listeners to make the same mistakes we did!

Cardio Tennis is a heart rate-based workout and you should not get hurt while participating. If you play with the wrong tennis ball (the traditional yellow/green one) that is bound to happen! If you play with the correct ball, 2.5s and 4.0s can play on the same court! You can also play with two bounces!

Cardio Tennis is About Empowerment

Cardio Tennis is about empowerment. If you play with the orange ball (also called “the fitness ball” or the “cardio ball”). Much like Orange Theory or any other group fitness class at a gym, Cardio Tennis should be fun! The difference between those classes is, you can’t hit a tennis ball like you can in a Cardio Tennis class. Unfortunately, many tennis coaches run cardio tennis as an extension of a tennis clinic.

A lot of coaches put on music and feed a lot of balls and call it “Cardio Tennis”. That’s not the right way to teach it. There’s a very set format with time hacks — just like any group fitness class. If a tennis player takes a Cardio Tennis class in Atlanta, it should be run the same way as a Cardio Tennis class in Alabama.

Seek Out Cardio Tennis Classes with Triples (played the right way!).

We hope more people will seek out Cardio Tennis classes. If you need to do cardio, why not have that cardio class also involve your favorite activity (tennis!)?

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