No Racquet? No Problem!

Have you ever been to a court and wanted to play but didn’t have a racquet? Do you have old racquets that are sitting in your closet, and you are unsure what to do with them? We suggest donating them to tennis lending lockers in your area.

We are thrilled to welcome Kim Roberts to the podcast! Kim is the Executive Director of the Raleigh Tennis Association (“RTA”) and is here to tell us about a new tennis initiative called “Tennis Anyone?”.

Lending Lockers with Racquets and Tennis Balls

The RTA is placing tennis lending lockers at various public courts and community centers around Raleigh filled with gently used tennis racquets and new cans of balls.

We think this will greatly increase the chance that someone new will fall in love with tennis once they have a chance to hit a ball on a tennis court.

National Tennis Month

Every May, we celebrate National Tennis Month. The idea is to introduce as many children and adults as possible to the game and keep them engaged. RTA’s new initiative is a perfect program to get people hooked. Tennis can be intimidating and too expensive for some people to get started. With free racquets and a can of balls provided at city courts, the RTA is hoping to curb that problem.

No One Should Be Denied the Opportunity to Play Tennis

RTA will replenish the lockers on a regular basis so that everyone has a chance to get out and hit!

We recorded an episode as an ode to National Tennis Month. Listen to it here:

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