We had so much fun with last week’s episode that we recorded Rules USTA Players Should Know – Part Two!

There are a lot of rules in tennis and many are confusing. There are ways to help USTA players like carrying a copy of Friend At Court in their tennis bags. They can also download a copy of our rules card which has 15 of the most common rules that can be confusing.

This week we discuss:

  • Who can call a double bounce?
  • Can someone call a let if they thought the ball wasn’t completely sure?
  • Who starts serving the second set after a first-set tie-breaker?
  • What happens if your doubles partner is hit by a serve?

Carolyn and Erin go through multiple confusing situations that have happened on the tennis court and, at the time, no one knew what to do.

Rules League Players Should Know

If you are confused about tennis rules, you can refer to the “Friend at Court” document or download our rules card.

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