The NTRP ratings were released! For those that bumped to a higher rating, we dedicate this “Welcome to Loserville” episode to you. We talk about the new ratings and what we thought of the them.

Carolyn and Erin talk about what it’s like to get bumped to a higher NTRP rating. In many cases, this means you will go from winning most of your matches to losing most of them. Hence, why we named this episode “Welcome to Loserville!”

It’s Tough To Lose

It’s tough to lose tennis matches. Some people’s self-worth are tied to whether they win or lose in tennis and in other parts of their life. Are you a player that wants to get better and play good tennis (and be a higher ranking) or is winning what makes tennis fun for you?

We understand, losing matches truly sucks! If you want to hear another episode about that, listen here:

Is Your Rating Correct?

Some players stay the same rating for many years. Others seem to climb higher in the rankings quickly. Both can be frustrating if it’s not where you want to be. People continue to play tennis if they have fun playing. If you are getting beat most of the time, you may feel like you’re not rating correctly. We have heard that some players try to appeal their rating year after year. In fact, we’ve done an episode on the topic. Listen here.

What Did You Think About the 2022 NTRP Ratings?

What did you think about the 2022 NTRP ratings when they were released? Do you think you have the correct rating? Were you bummed about your rating? We’d like to hear from you!