Our 2021 Recap – What We Learned from Our Incredible Guests is proof that we have had an amazing year at Second Serve podcast! Carolyn and Erin believe that every one that plays tennis has a “tennis story”. We can’t thank our 2021 guests enough for being brave enough to come on our show and share theirs!

We created and released a show every week and were honored to host the 20 different guests that joined us.

We’d love for you to go back and listen to all of them (they are all under 15 minutes) but if you can’t, listen to the 2021 recap and let us know what you think of this episode “Our 2021 Recap – What We Learned from Our Incredible Guests”.

Second Serve had a big bump in listenership in 2021. We launched our website in June and added every episode to the site (with a searchable feature). We want our fans to be able to find and listen to any topic that interests them.

These were our top six most popular episodes in 2021: