Amanda tells her story about having double knee replacements surgery and how she became a National Champion one year after that procedure!

Do you have an injury and are unsure if you can play tennis again? Or do you have an old injury that needs attention? Are you afraid you may not be able to play tennis again? It is possible to have surgery and make it back to playing the sport you love!

Return Stronger Than Before

Tennis is a motivating reason to get healthy and fix old injuries. Amanda grew up playing soccer and played at a high-level. Because of that, her knees started to hurt a lot over time. Eventually she stopped playing soccer but started playing tennis. Even while playing tennis, her knees hurt and she would often ice them after matches.

For almost 10 years, she worked with doctors on various treatments to help with her pain. Ultimately, she ended up having to move forward with not just one, but two knee replacements!

Surgery in 2020; USTA Champion in 2021

Amanda was a good candidate to have both of her knees fixed at the same time. Her double knee surgery was a success because she was in good health.

She worked hard prepping before surgery. She took up weight lifting to get stronger and was a rockstar physical therapy patient during her recovery. Amanda was motivated to play tennis again and to compete with her friends. She came back stronger than ever! Amanda and her teammates won the 3.5 18+ and 40+ USTA National Championships in Oklahoma and Arizona in 2021.

Amanda is proof that double knee replacements surgery doesn’t have to be the end of an adult recreational tennis player’s “tennis career”. It’s possible to come back even stronger!

NTRP Ratings Bumps

Several of Amanda’s National Championship teammates were bumped to a higher NTRP rating after their winning seasons. One of her players even double-bumped from a 3.5 to 4.5. No wonder why they were champions!

Amazing Recoveries

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