Have you ever experienced bad weather and shorts sets at states? It can be very frustrating to qualify to play at States and then have the regular format of playing two sets (and then a third set tiebreaker if needed) in order to determine the winner. In our experience, it usually doesn’t end well!

Dave and Tom are back on the show to discuss playing short sets at the USTA state tournament. Both are 3.0s who have been to states and sectionals numerous times and have funny stories to tell about their experiences.

Short Sets and Pro Sets — Not Our Favorite Format!

Frankly, we think playing short sets and pro sets kinda stinks. Sometimes the conversion ratio for the scores is an advantage and sometimes it can not work in your favor. That’s exactly what happened to Tom and Dave when they went to the USTA NC State tournament for their 6.5 combo team.

If you enjoy hearing Tom and Dave talking about bad weather and shorts sets at states, we recorded another very popular episode with them called “How To Choose A Tennis Partner”. Check it out! They have been partners for several years. Because of that, they instinctively know where each will be on the court. They have learned an “unspoken” communication when they play and have learned how to be great tennis partners.

Dynamic Duo

Listening to them talk, you can tell they really enjoy the game and enjoy each other. This is the type of duo that works well and will probably continue to win for many years together! Hopefully when they go to states in the future, they don’t experience bad weather and have to play short sets again.

If you’re confused about any tennis rules (and they definitely CAN be confusing!) check out this page from USTA that explains the basics.