Dave and Tom join us for part two of our discussion about bad weather and short sets at states.

They have played a lot of matches at their local and state level. They have also played several tournaments together. Their advice is that you have to stay flexible and be willing to wait around until tournament directors can figure out how to get the matches played. Dave and Tom also remind us to be kind to volunteers!

Those volunteers are working at tournaments for the love of the game. They have no control over the weather and certainly shouldn’t be given a hard time about it! It’s not just in the case of State, Sectional or National tournaments — it’s for ALL tennis tournaments.

We’ve done other episodes on what it takes to run these large events, If you want to hear more, listen to our “USTA National Championships (Behind The Scenes)” episode with Liz Murrieta and Elicia Smith from USTA National.

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