Michelle from Tennis Warehouse is back with more gear talk for “Ep. 119: Gear Talk with Tennis Warehouse (Ep. 2).”

Michelle is a gear expert, play tester, footwear extraordinaire, host of the Tennis Warehouse podcast, “Talk Tennis” and so much more.

Tennis Warehouse – Racquet Demo Program

If you are interested in buying a new racquet, Tennis Warehouse is the place for advice and gear talk! TW has experts that are just a phone call away. You can tell them how you play tennis, what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you are looking for in a racquet.

Call and ask for three (sometimes four) demo racquets. You can pick the grip size and the type of strings you want to demo in a particular racquet. You can play test those racquets for up to a week. Certain racquet brands have a demo buying incentive, you can get a certain amount of money off your purchase (depending on the brand).

Tennis Warehouse – Racquet Buy-Back Program

TW also has a buy-back tennis racquet program. All you need to do is call TW and tell them certain things about the racquet you want to sell, and they will rate the racquet based on how often it was played with, how good of shape it’s in, etc. Once rated, TW will give you store credit to use on their website in the future.

Gear Talk with Tennis Warehouse Experts

TW doesn’t just sell racquets. They sell all the gear! Their experts can answer any questions you have about footwear, strings, grips, bags, etc.

No question is stupid! The gear experts at TW want to hear from you and want to talk gear with you. They want to teach you about gear and don’t want tennis to be intimidating. They are just a phone call away and you can talk to them about your tennis game, and they can suggest products for you.

If you are new to tennis and not even sure what type of racquet you are looking for, the TW team of experts can make suggestion of great entry-level options.

Michelle’s Favorite Interview. Spoiler alert: it’s Roger Federer!

Michelle had the opportunity to meet and interview Roger Federer! She told us about the interview and how genuine he is in person as he is on the court. Roger makes every person he meets feel like they are the most special person in the world. Michelle keeps a post-it on her desk that says, “remember that day you got to interview Roger Federer?” to remind herself of this happy memory.

Additional Gear Talk with Tennis Warehouse’s Play Tester, Michelle

We loved our episode “Gear Talk with Tennis Warehouse (Ep. 2)” and have one more episode coming out! If you want to listen to her first episode, click here.

Normally we are the interviewers but the tables were turned and Michelle asked us questions! You can watch that interview by going to the “Talk Tennis” YouTube page.

If you need new tennis gear you can shop for everything at the Tennis Warehouse website.