This week’s episode, “Gear Talk with Tennis Warehouse (Ep. 1)” has us very excited! We are talking gear talk with Tennis Warehouse‘s playtester, Michelle. Michelle also hosts the Tennis Warehouse podcast “Talk Tennis”.

Michelle’s journey into tennis began with taking lessons at the same time her parents were learning to play. As a teenager, she attended a tennis academy and played D1 tennis at the University of New Mexico.

After college, Michelle wasn’t sure if she wanted tennis to be in the forefront of her life anymore. Nevertheless, she found herself back in tennis as a high school coach and later as a college coach. All that led to her career at Tennis Warehouse.

Gear Talk with Tennis Warehouse’s Expert

Michelle wears a lot of hats at Tennis Warehouse. She’s responsible for writing footwear and bag descriptions for the website; she does product videos and tests products and three years ago started the “Talk Tennis” podcast. In addition, Michelle manages Tennis Warehouse’s pro team of players and their YouTube channel.

Michelle loves to talk gear and is a playtester for anything and everything. She tests racquets, footwear, strings, grips, etc. and is passionate about teaching players about gear so that it’s not intimidating.

Racquet, String and Gear Talk with Tennis Warehouse

Michelle is a racquet and string expert. We were so excited to be able to ask her about what adult recreational players should be using from the 2.5 to the 4.0 and higher levels. It’s a loaded question because there are so many different racquet and string combos, but Michelle told us not to be scared. If you’re in the market to buy or just want to try some new piece of gear, you can call Tennis Warehouse and they will help you.

If you are new to tennis, they will have a lot of suggestion of great entry-level options.

A Good Time to Buy Gear

Our gear talk with Michelle continued with talking about when a good time is to buy a new racquet. She believes a good time to try new gear is when you’re improving in level or have been bumped up. If you have been playing with the same racquet for years, it’s most likely losing playability. Graphite wears out and the weight over time so be aware of how long you’ve been playing with your racquet.

If you are experience injuries, you might want to consider making a switch too. We know you don’t want to be injured and not be able to play tennis with your friends! In fact, we’ve done several episodes about injuries here and here.

Call the Gear Experts at Tennis Warehouse!

Since gear can be intimidating, you can call gear testers and gear experts at Tennis Warehouse. They are just a phone call away and you can talk to them about your tennis game, and they can suggest products for you.

“Talk Tennis” Podcast

We loved our gear talk with Michelle from Tennis Warehouse and have two more episodes coming out with her. We also did a podswap and she interviewed us! You can find that episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

If you prefer, you can also watch our whole fun conversation on YouTube!