Christine from “The Tennis Mind” is back for “The Tennis Mind – Part Three” to talk about several issues that are common with adult recreational tennis players.

Christine is a local league coordinator, a 4.0 rated player, and coaches players on the mental game of tennis.

In part three, we talk about doubles strategy and how to work with your partner to play better as a team. Some of Christine’s advice is:

  • Asking your partner what they need. While some partners like to be encouraged, others like silence. Some may ask for advice while others would be irritated if their partner tried to “coach” them.
  • Understanding what your partner’s personality is.
  • Figuring out what your partner responds to

It’s not necessary to ask them directly “what do you need?”. Often times people aren’t sure what makes them play better, but as doubles partners, try to work on figuring out how to work best with each other’s personalities. Ultimately, that’s what makes a successful partnership.

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