We recently attended the 2022 US Open and had an incredible experience. One of the highlights was getting to interview USTA President Mike McNulty. We are proud to bring our listeners this episode — “The 2022 US Open – USTA President Mike McNulty”.

Mike was gracious to take time out of his *very* busy schedule to meet with us. We were able to interview him inside Arthur Ashe Stadium the night that Serena Williams was playing her final match.

Mike discusses his tennis and professional background and how he was convinced to start volunteering in tennis. Additionally, he talks about his most memorable moment as a player and as the President of USTA. Hint: one of his answers has to do with the 2022 US Open. How could it not?

The US Open generates an incredible amount of money over the 2+ weeks each year. As a result, sections, states, and local tennis communities receive a significant amount of money to grow tennis. The 2022 US Open had record-breaking attendance which will, in turn, help grow tennis all over the US!

USTA is a unique organization that is made up of thousands of volunteers. The volunteers are the heart and soul of what makes tennis unique in the United States. Mike has a passion for growing tennis at the grassroots level and he’s been able to do that over his term serving as the USTA President.

At the end of our interview, we attempted to convince Mike to let us in on the secret of the NTRP ratings algorithm. Unfortunately, he “Took the Fifth” on that question. However, he offered to provide the name of the individual we could interview about that topic. We will gladly accept and hope to do a future episode on ratings.

It was a dream come true to attend the 2022 US Open and to talk with USTA President Mike McNulty. We were guests in the President’s Suite and witnessed Serena’s final match. It was a magical tennis night!