Kenny, 4.0 18+ singles National Champion, joins us to talk about his 7 Tips to Win More Matches. Kenny is a former division 1 football player, a former top ten track cyclist in Thailand, and won the UK cheese rolling competition. Yes, we said CHEESE ROLLING!

It’s worth watching the Cheese Rolling Competition! You can view it here. There’s also an article about this crazy but fun competition in Sports Illustrated here.

Kenny co-runs a local UTR league – called Elite Tennis League – with his doubles partner Chris Springer, Chris and Kenny played 4.5 doubles together at the National Championships.

Kenny’s 7 Tips to Win More Matches from a National Champion include things such as:

  1. Set Expectations, Define Goals, and Create a Plan
  2. Be Familiar and Comfortable with the scoring, format, facility, and schedule.
  3. Matchday Preparation: rituals, warm-up, focus, mindset
  4. Scouting & Reading your opponents: beforehand, during warmup, and match
  5. Handling multiple matches and downtime physically, mentally, and emotional
  6. Playing your best tennis: mental, strengths, weaknesses, adjustments
  7. Post match: opponents, cool down, notes/journaling, physio, video/data, and outcome review.

Carolyn and Erin have thought it was nearly impossible to get to the USTA National Tournament but after talking to Kenny about his 7 Tips to Win More Matches, we know it’s possible!

In fact, we’ve interviewed another guest about her experience when he team qualified for the National Championships and you can listen to those episodes here: