If you play adult recreational tennis, you are bound to face some annoying situations on the court.

Tom and Dave are with us to discuss what they find annoying. We have figured out quickly by interviewing so many people on the podcast that what is considered annoying in women’s tennis matches may not be when playing men’s tennis.

The guys have played tennis together as doubles partners for several years. They have been to playoffs and various NC state tournaments many times. Tom and Dave have had their fair share of annoying situations on the court. They agreed that sometimes their opponents can be annoying but often times their partner can too!

Tom and Dave said most times, men can play a tennis match and then enjoy a beer afterwards together, Women can’t seem to do that. We hold grudges against people that we find annoying!

Have you ever had someone tell you their life story while playing tennis?

We agreed that a lot of players like to talk about their lives but Tom and Carolyn mostly get annoyed when this happens. They don’t want to hear about someone’s kids or grandkids while they are playing. They don’t mind talking after a match and getting to know someone but find it distracting and annoying when it’s done during a match. A lot of recreational tennis players do this — especially in women’s tennis. Erin never really minds someone talking to her during matches unless she feels like it’s a strategy.

Tennis Players Are Mostly Genuine

The four of us agree that most tennis players are genuine people and don’t mean to be annoying. We all feel like nice people far outweigh the annoying ones. But… since all recreational tennis players come across annoying opponents sometimes, we have a part two to this episode coming up next week. There are endless stores that can be told about annoying situations on a tennis court so there are lots of things to discuss 🙂

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