This week we’re talking about SwingVision – cutting-edge technology to improve your tennis game! Have you ever been upset over line calls? Have you finished a match and had no idea what happened on the court? SwingVision is here to help!

Carolyn and Erin were thrilled to interview Swupnil Sahai, Co-Founder and CEO of SwingVision for three episodes.

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Advanced A.I. Technology

SwingVision is the A.I. tennis app that brings tennis players pro-quality shot tracking. It includes video analysis and line calling, using just your iPhone or iPad.

SwingVision is the official player and ball-tracking device for Tennis Australia. Swupnil tells Carolyn and Erin how he got James Blake and Andy Roddick to sign on as investors. Those are good stories you have to hear!

Also, Second Serve is excited to now be ambassadors for the product! Carolyn and Erin use SwingVision and love it! You can purchase SwingVision at a discount using our referral link:

Swupnil and his Team of Experts Have Developed Cutting-Edge Technology for Tennis

Swupnil has been a life-long tennis player and is a huge fan of the game. He has been to all four Grand Slam events and many other pro tournaments around the world.

Swupnil attended UC Berkeley and received his PhD in statistics from Columbia University. He worked at Tesla directly along-side Elon Musk on the autonomous driving feature. As a result of that experience, he knew he could make a product that would bring pro-quality stats to the ordinary tennis player.

Improve Your Tennis Game with SwingVision

Typically, recreational players aren’t able to take stats during their matches. Therefore, they are unsure why they lost points or matches. SwingVision’s cutting-edge technology captures stats from any hitting session (singles or doubles). Because of this, it can help a player change their game simply by seeing what happened and what they can fix.

How Does it Work?

To use SwingVision, set up an iPhone or iPad behind the baseline at the back of the tennis court. Next, use a tripod, fence grip, or fence mount (which you can purchase through our link) to mount an iPhone or iPad. Finally, start a recording session and swing away! The A.I. technology does the rest by tracking player movements and ball trajectory in real-time.

We think SwingVision is a miracle product! The features include:

  • Shot Tracking (stroke, spin, speed, placement, positioning, rally length)
  • Video Analysis (dead-time removal, automated highlights, shot & rally filters)
  • Cloud Storage (lifetime backups, unlimited storage, accessible on any device)
  • A.I. Umpire (automated score keeping, stats tracking, line calling)

Yes, We Said “Line Calling”!

Can you imagine being able to use SwingVision in USTA matches in the future? Carolyn and Erin believe this would eliminate 99% of all arguments in USTA matches and we can’t wait for the day that it’s widely accepted!

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