Have you heard of SwingVision? It’s the technology that will improve your tennis game!

Carolyn and Erin are happy to welcome Swupnil Sahai back. Swupnil is the Co-Founder and CEO of SwingVision and is back for the second of three episodes.

SwingVision‘s cutting-edge technology was developed by Swupnil and his team of experts from Apple and Tesla. It’s the world’s first proprietary A.I. platform that provides real-time shot tracking, video analysis & officiating using just a single smartphone. SwingVision will certainly improve your tennis!

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James Blake and Andy Roddick Believe SwingVision Will Improve Everyone’s Tennis Game

Swupnil tells Carolyn and Erin how he got James Blake and Andy Roddick to become two of SwingVision’s earliest investors. James and Swupnil have a connection through an old high school friend of Swupnil’s. His friend went on to play tennis at the pro level and had a physio trainer that knew James. James saw an early version of SwingVision, and immediately understood the potential in the cutting-edge technology and how it can improve everyone’s tennis game — from club players to pros.

The story of how Andy Roddick invested is a great story. James invited Swupnil to a Legends tournament so he could pitch SwingVision to several players. Those players included Jim Courier, John McEnroe, and Andy Roddick. As a result, Andy was most interested in investing but what really convinced him was, after losing his iPhone, Swupnil found it using “Find My iPhone”. Jokingly, Andy asked Swupnil if he could Venmo him $50k. Of course, he was kidding about investing on the spot but a few weeks later, he did sign on. Andy has been a great advocate for the cutting-edge technology. Since Andy is an investor and believes so much in the product, he went on Tennis Channel to tell tennis fans all about it.

We are just as excited about what SwingVision can do for adult recreational tennis. We believe, if you purchase it, you can immediately improve your tennis game. SwingVision will show you patterns that work for you, where you need to improve, and which shots are your best. One user was quoted as saying “I’ve never learned so much about my tennis game by watching five minutes of myself playing while sitting on my couch.”

We Are SwingVision Ambassadors

Because we believe so much in this cutting-edge A.I. technology, we have become ambassadors. Purchase a subscription to SwingVision through our referral link and receive $20 off a year subscription. Or, you can get $100 off the subscription and fence mount. Because the fence mount is the best way to capture video, this is the best way to improve your tennis game!

We hope you’ll check out the first episode of our interview with Swupnil and try the product. If you want to improve your tennis, then get started with a 14-day free pro trial.

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