This is the final episode of our three-part series about SwingVision’s new features and the future. Swupnil is the Co-Founder and CEO of SwingVision. SwingVision is the cutting-edge A.I. technology that provides real-time shot tracking, video analysis & officiating using just a smartphone.

The new features SwingVision is releasing makes their future look bright!

Swupnil and his team of experts from Apple and Tesla have developed amazing technology. It’s being used at the pro-level, but we’re interested in what it can do to improve our game as recreational players. All you need to do is have a subscription to the app plus a way to set up your phone (using a fence mount or tripod) and start a hitting session. SwingVision does all the hard work for you!

There is no other tennis technology out there that can improve your game just by watching video of yourself playing while sitting on the couch.

Currently, SwingVision shows a user their stats (how many forehands, backhands, serve speed, average shot speed, longest rally, etc.). There are so many more new features being worked on and we are excited about the future for SwingVision.

$20 off 1-year subscription!

Regular price: $149.99

New SwingVision Features Coming Out Soon

  • Auto-Scoring
  • Having the ability to compete against other tennis players through leaderboards and gamification
  • Live streaming so if your friends and family can’t watch your matches in person, they can watch it on the app
  • and more!

SwingVision is considering partnering with a blue-tooth speaker company. When that happens, a player can mount a speaker on the net post and have SwingVision make the “out” calls.

Can you imagine? This could prevent 99% of all tennis fights from ever happening again!

We Are SwingVision Ambassadors

SwingVision is the best technology that will improve your tennis game.

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We hope you’ll check out the first episode and second episodes of our interview with Swupnil and try the product. If you want to improve your tennis, then get started with a 14-day free pro trial.

👇🏼 Level up your 🎾 game!