“Sarah”, our Anonymous Local League Coordinator is back for Part Two.

As a local league coordinator, Sarah has to deal with a lot of crazy situations on the court and a lot of different personalities. She explains to her players that no one is getting paid to play adult recreational tennis so don’t take it too seriously.

This Anonymous Local League Coordinator asks “Does Tennis Bring You Joy?”

Sarah tries to remind her players that playing tennis should be a stress reliever — not something to bring more stress into their lives. She asks the question “does tennis bring you joy?” If not, don’t play.

Local League Silly Situations

Sarah tells us that, although she listens to all player’s concerns, there are some “serial” complainers. She reads lots of text messages from captains and tries to play peacemaker. There are just some that make a lot more noise than others but as a local league coordinator, she still has to hear all sides of all arguments.

Makeup Matches

We’ve heard over and over how makeup matches may be the worst thing to deal with in adult recreational tennis. First, people have busy lives, and finding a new date to play a scheduled match can be challenging. Also, people are competitive and want to play a makeup match on a day that best suits their team. Captains will strategize and only offer to play on dates when their best players are available. These are the times when a Local League Coordinator — like our anonymous one we call “Sarah” has to step in.

The Best Thing About Being a Local League Coordinator

Sarah explains that, although she’s told us a lot of stories about what she has to deal with, the best part of her job is the people. That’s why she does her job and loves it. Her joy is getting as many people out to play tennis and to have fun.

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