What tennis superstitions do you have? Do you have any winning ones?

In this episode, we discuss tennis superstitions that adult rec tennis players have and the crazy ones we have. The whole episode we are trying to figure out if we have tennis superstitions or if we are just crazy 🙂

Superstitions Are Only Crazy if They Don’t Work, Right?

Sometimes difficult to determine whether what someone does is part of their preparation, or routine, or is a superstition.

Carolyn and Erin both listen to certain music (but only if they are winning). Once they lose, they switch! They both admitted to

Superstition or Control?

We figured out by talking about our strange superstitions or routines that they are really about control. There’s so much you can’t control when playing a sport but you can control your preparation. In fact, we did an episode with Kenny where he talks about how his preparation helped win him a National Championship.

Tennis Superstitions We Found

Here are the most talked about tennis superstitions we found when reading through blogs and posts:

  • Wearing the same clothes, socks, or underwear
  • Eating the same foods before playing a match
  • Not changing the scoreboard or touching the scoreboard
  • Keep a lucky object in their tennis bag
  • Having a set routine about bouncing the ball a certain amount of times
  • Use the same ball if they won a point (or refuse to use a certain ball if they lost the point)
  • Not stepping on lines
  • Change their tennis visor

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